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Who’s to Blame

When bad things happen, it’s human nature to ask ourselves who is responsible, who’s at fault, or who’s to blame.As Christians, we wrestle with those same questions. In John 9, the Jesus and the disciples meet a man born blind, and ask the question, why did that happen, was it his sin, or the sin of his parents? Jesus answer challenges our assumptions, demonstrating God’s…

Before Abraham Was… I AM

Christians affirm that Jesus is God, but some question — did Jesus ever claim that himself? And if he did, could we show people where? We look at John 8:51-59, and explore at one of Jesus most significant and powerful claims about his identity — Before Abraham was, I Am, and learn how this claim demonstrates, above all doubt, that Jesus truly was God, the eternal second…

Who Is Your Father?

This Father’s Day, we look at John 8:13-19 where Jesus introduces us to His Father, the ultimate father — our Heavenly Father, God. We look at how Jesus reveals the Father for us. We think about the preconceptions and assumptions we bring to the table about fathers from our human experience. We think about how Jesus tells us that to know Him is to know the…

Light of the World

Jesus says “I am the light of the world”. This short, simple statement contains an incredibly deep and profound truth, that, if we understand and embrace it, changes not only how we see him, but how we live in the light of his truth. We lay a foundation that will help us understand an apply this truth, and make sense of everything else that comes next in this chapter.

A Subtle Shift

What does Jesus mean when he calls himself the Bread of Life? We continue our journey in John’s gospel looking at John 6:25-51 and the way Jesus unpacks his previous miracle, when he fed the 5000. We explore the subtle shifts in understanding that he seeks to impart to the Jews — and us — that will make sense of these words.

Feeding the 5000

We continue to journey through John’s Gospel, looking at John 6:1-15,  one of the most familiar miracles, the only one mentioned in all four Gospels, Jesus feeding the 5000. We explore the meaning of this miracle, considering all of the implications for this powerful demonstration of Jesus’ divine power, and the deeper truth he was setting the people up to…

The Deepest Healing

We look at John 5, Jesus first “in person” healing in Jerusalem, at the pool of Bethesda. We ponder Jesus decision to single out just one of the “multitude”, his comment to the man to sin no more “in order that nothing worse may happen” and the importance for telling him to “take up his mat”. We wonder if there is something…

Believing Without Seeing

We continue our journey through John’s Gospel, exploring the second sign Jesus performs in Galilee, demonstrating his divinity, and messianic identity. We think about why Jesus criticises the people of Galilee for not believing without a sign, and explore the nature or faith — placing trust in Jesus and taking him at his word, even when we don’t see it.
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