RPM – Restoration Prayer Ministry

RPM – Restoration Prayer Ministry

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.

Galatians 5:1

RPM is a unique, biblical model of prayer ministry, helping people identify and areas of spiritual conflict that are preventing them from fully experience the freedom Christ offers.

Following a self-guided thorough spiritual inventory, participants are led through an effective, systematic process of confession and repentance, forgiveness, prayer for hurt and trauma (inner healing), confronting falsehood and spiritual deception, and proclamation of truth, guided by an experienced ministry team, Christians are able to experience new levels of freedom, Past participants have seen major transformation and freedom, breaking the back of habitual sin, overcoming unwanted thought patterns, discovering new levels of victory in addiction, moving beyond hurt and trauma, and much more besides — especially in areas where these struggles have been spiritually charged and empowered.

Incorporating various scriptural elements used in effective and proven ministries people like those of Neil T. Anderson (Freedom in Christ Ministries), Dr. Karl Payne (Antioch Bible Church/TCT Ministries), and Jon Thompson (Sanctus Church and the Restoration Prayer model) among others, RPM is a tested and effective method of helping believers break free from areas of spiritual bondage, and experience greater measures of freedom.

Some important notes.

RPM is a discipleship prayer model designed for Christians who have already made a faith commitment. Its effectiveness depends on sincere and genuine repentance, confession, renunciation, and forgiveness, and the replacing of lies with affirmations of biblical truth about the person, which is only fully possible for believers.

If you are experiencing what you believe to be spiritual conflict, but are not currently a committed and active Christian, please do reach out to us we would be happy to help, but understand that RPM is probably not the correct next step for you, at this time.

RPM is not counselling or therapy, and is not delivered by licensed clinical therapists or counsellors.

RPM can be a valuable and beneficial part of a Christian’s spiritual growth and development, but it is not a guaranteed fix for every problem. Ongoing spiritual discipline and discipleship will be essential.

RPM need to be paired with ongoing clinical counselling, professional therapy, recovery programs, pastoral care, medication or healthcare treatment, or other symptom management. Mental health conditions, addiction, trauma and PTSD, depression and anxiety etc. are real and do not always have spiritual roots. Additionally, spiritual conflict may increase and empower the symptoms and struggles of these conditions, and RPM may lessen these symptoms and make them more manageable, but a multi-disciplinary approach may still be necessary.

The bible does not guarantee — nor do we — that Christians will ever be completely free from all external spiritual oppression or opposition, nor the temptations of the world or flesh, nor experience complete healing from physical or mental health conditions in this life. Jesus himself says, “In the world you will have tribulation.” However, RPM is an effective method of confronting and overcoming various activities, events, experiences, lies, unforgiveness, or other areas that have created opportunities for empowered supernatural attack, and allowing Christians to experience new measures of spiritual freedom in the spiritual effects of these things.
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