About Us

About Us

Hudson’s Hope Chapel is a small, but friendly Christian fellowship, loving and serving the community of Hudson’s Hope and the surrounding Peace region of BC.

We believe in sincere worship, faithful teaching, authentic fellowship, and demonstrable love for God, and our community. We live to love God, build up and equip his people, share the good news of Jesus, and demonstrate his love to our community in meaningful, tangible ways.

We meet in home, and worship together, study the scriptures, share food, and enjoy being together. We pursue gatherings that will feel familiar and authentic to Christians who have lots of experience in traditional Church settings, while remaining welcoming, open, friendly, and unintimidating to those who are exploring questions of faith, or have been put off by past experiences in churches.

We are an independent chapel, but have close alignment with The Fellowship, through our elder/chaplain, Luke Hughes-Bunger, who leads our chapel, in addition to his role as a Community Chaplain with Fellowship Chaplaincy. As a new chapel, currently operate as an unincorporated association, but continue to explore both informal, and more formal ways of establishing our ministry, and building meaningful relationships with other like-minded organizations, churches, and ministries.

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