One of the things we are most excited about is exploring new, and exciting opportunities to partner with those already working in our community. Recently, we’ve been incredibly excited to grow our relationship with the Friends of Hudson’s Hope, a charity operating in our community which oversees numerous community projects throughout our region, including running our food bank, medical assistance programs, and emergency aid.. One of these projects is running our local thrift store.

Recently, limited availability of volunteers has resulted in reducing the hours our shift store is able to be opened. One of the days that we have struggled to cover the most is Tuesdays — a key day in our community, as it coincides with our farmers market during the summer, and is the day many people choose to come in to town.

It’s also the day we have chosen to run our coffee house, for all of the same reasons! But the reality is, the home where we meet is a little ways off the beaten track, and while it’s been good to meet for coffee here, it’s unlikely to be a location people are just going to drop into while they are passing by… unlike the thrift store.

Which got us thinking… Why can’t we do both?

Therefore, beginning this Tuesday, volunteers from Hudson’s Hope Chapel (including Luke, our chaplain) will be opening up and the thrift store, and our coffee house will also be relocating there.

From 1-4, the thrift store will be open for shopping and dropping off donations.

And from 3-6, we’ll also be running our community coffee house out of the thrift store, with a focus on conversation, community, and catching up together.

There will be a little bit of an overlap in the middle where you can do both — grab a coffee, and sit down for a chat, while you also shop, but we will aim to close the till at around 4:00 pm, so we can really focus on having a quality time for conversation and fellowship.

It’s also a great time to come and connect with our chaplain, and ask any questions you may have about what he can do. If you’re coming down for a pastoral or practical conversation with Luke, please aim to come after 4:00 pm, so that his attention won’t be split between you, and ringing up thrift store sales!


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